Window Treatment LA Shades

There was a time when curtains were the only kind of window covering available for your home. Although curtains can be very pretty and add a nice look to your home, they can also be highly inconvenient. Having to contend with yards of fabric and trying to keep it from flying away with the wind can be very tiresome indeed. This is why people started to look for other options in window treatments. One such option is that of window shades.

Window shades are typically defined as a kind of window treatment that generally makes use of some kind of spring mechanism or cording system for its workings. As is evident by the name, shades are excellent for providing you some much needed shade from the ultraviolet rays of the sun as well as from prying eyes. Here’s a look at the different kinds of shades available for your windows.

Window Treatments LA Shade Types

Roller shades:
These window shades are made from soft material that is wound around a roller. The material used can be some type of fabric or a soft polyvinyl material. When released fully, the roller shade rests at the top of your window, thus letting in the air and the sunlight. When you want to draw the shades shut, you simply pull on the cord and then shut the shade to the desired height. If you have big windows and would like to have the no-window-covering look, then roller shades are perfect as they all but disappear into the window when open.

Roman shades:
This kind of window shade gives your window covering a fancy pleated look. When the shade is lowered it becomes flat, but when it is raised, it usually folds into soft folds, thus giving you a rich billowing effect.
Balloon shades: These window shades fall a little bit like a tent on your windows. The ballooning fabric is an exquisite sight indeed. Balloon shades impart a very royal and elegant look to your home.

Woven shades:
For those who love the look of natural wood and love to use it on their windows as well, woven window shades are a very good choice. These shades are made with natural woven wood material and add a touch of warmth and comfort to any area where they are used.



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